Bootcamp Schedule

This 2-day session will provide you with an immersive experience in how to apply design thinking in a health care context. You will learn and be exposed to design skills that are relevant in the education of health care providers or the delivery of clinical care. The bootcamp will have group activities, team presentations, and exercises in prototyping and testing.


Other Stuff You Should Know


Who is this for?

Creative problem-solving should be in the wheelhouse of anyone remotely involved with the healthcare space. A few target groups that will particularly benefit from this bootcamp include:

  • Any medical provider with an interest in design thinking

  • Healthcare executives

  • Medical educators

  • Nursing executive team members

  • Pharmaceutical leaders

  • Innovation Executives

  • Students and Residents (scholarships available)

  • Finance Executives with a healthcare portfolio


Who is this Bootcamp for?

The cost of attending the 2-day bootcamp is $3,000. This payment will include:

  • Course materials (handed out on day 1)

  • All supplies (writing/prototyping)

  • Coffee/tea and snacks both days

  • Lunch both days

  • A cocktail hour at the end of the first day of the workshop


Who is this Bootcamp for?

We ask only that you come with a "beginner's mind" and a willingness to:

  • Try new things

  • Embrace failure

  • Cheer your teammates


Need-based scholarships are available; special consideration will be given to students/residents. You may reference this request in your bootcamp application.


You will be responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodations. We have a few recommendations:

  • Don't rent a car unless you absolutely need one. Public transportation is quite good, and Uber/Lyft are even better.

  • Philadelphia International Airport is ~ 10 miles from the Health Design Lab (925 Chestnut Street), and will take about 20 minutes by taxi/Uber/Lyft or ~ 30 minutes on the Airport Septa line directly from the Airport to Jefferson Station. Consult your Google maps.

  • We have secured a discount at *** Hotel, which is *** minutes walking distance to the Health Design Lab (925 Chestnut Street). When booking a room, please mention "Health Design Bootcamp" to the booking agent.