Solving complex healthcare problems through design thinking.

The Health Design Lab has some really big things going on in 2019 so we have made the tough decision to postpone our Bootcamps until 2020.

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What does good design in health care look like?

It might look like a smartphone application that reminds you to take your blood pressure medication, a surgical device that saved your friend's life or a hospital environment that maximizes natural lighting for patients. We use design to reimagine healthcare and solve some of its toughest challenges. We use design thinking to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders – patients, clinicians, administrators, students, educators, designers – to co-create and accelerate the innovation cycle.


We want to share our approach and our expertise.



The Program

This 2-day program will provide you with an immersive experience in how to apply design thinking in a health care context. You will learn and be exposed to design skills that are relevant in the education of health care providers and the delivery of clinical care. The bootcamp will have group activities, team presentations, and exercises in prototyping and testing.

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Our bootcamp is taught by designers, educators and clinicians who are at the bleeding edge of innovation within the design and healthcare sectors.

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